GHG Reduction Project / Crown Standard

What is a Crown Standard?

Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) (TGO) launches its own Crown Standard for Thai CDM Projects. TGO expects the Crown Standard to become an incentive for Thai CDM projects to contribute more to the environment and society. In addition, the Thai CERs will be internationally recognized and valuable.

Since early 2009, TGO has been consulting with the Gold Standard Foundation to increase recognition of the issuance of Crown Standard. In reviewing the CDM approval process, criteria for the standard, and monitoring program, the approach corresponds well with the initiative of the Gold Standard DNA program. Therefore, the Crown Standard will not only receive recognition, but TGO will also be the first DNA to be formally recognized in the Gold Standard’s DNA Programme.

The project which receives the Crown Standard will have a greater chance of obtaining the Gold Standard in a shorter period of time with less approval fee.

Application for Crown Standard
The projects requesting for the Letter of Approvals (LoAs) will be autonomously considered for its eligibility to the Crown Standard. However, projects having already been approved and given LoAs before December 1, 2009 can apply for the Crown Standard without any fee.

Approval of Crown Standard
The project that passes the above mentioned criteria will be examined and field surveyed for its actual operating efficiency and effectiveness as proposed in the project design document (PDD).

Validity of Crown Standard and Monitoring Requirements
The Crown Standard is valid for 3 years from the issuance date and TGO reserves the right to revoke the Crown Standard should the project fail to meet any of the specifications as required by the Crown Standard. In addition, the project will be closely monitored by TGO’s network to ensure the sustainable development taken place on the society and environment as well as maximum benefits to local communities according to the requirements of the Crown Standard.