Carbon Market / Carbon Offsetting Program

Carbon Offsetting Process

Under TCOP, the following calculation methodologies can be used to calculate GHG Emissions –

1. For individuals – for the calculation of GHG emissions from daily activities, the ‘Carbon Footprint Calculation Tool’ on TGO’s website can be used.

2. For Organizations – The calculation of an organization’s carbon footprint should include scope 1 emissions (direct emissions from company owned sources, such as combustion from boilers) and scope 2 emissions (indirect emissions from energy use, such as purchased electricity, heat or steam that is imported from an external or internal source). Scope 3 emissions (other emissions not specified in scope 1 or 2, such as outsourced activities, waste disposal etc.) can also be included.

3. For Products and Services – To calculate the carbon footprint of products, please use TGO’s ‘Guideline for the Carbon Footprint of Products’. To calculate the carbon footprint of services, please use TGO’s Guideline for the Carbon Footprint of Products and Services.