Carbon Label / Carbon Footprint Reduction

What is it?

The carbon footprint reduction or global warming reduction Label

The product's Carbon Footprint Reduction (CFR) or global warming reduction Label is the label that demonstrated an achievement in reduction of the product's carbon footprint as required by the TGO's Carbon Labeling Program. An assessment of CFR shall be based on the concept of product's life cycle includes; raw material acquisition, transportation and distribution, production, usage and end of life disposal to account and compare between the product's Carbon Footprint for the base year and the present year in order to determine and evaluate the reduced carbon footprint of the product against the TGO's requirement. Those companies that achieve the TGO's CFR requirement could eligibly be registered and use CFR labeling on their products and publicized through medias for an advertisement.

The CFR registration requirements

The product that eligible for awarding CFR registration shall be; 

1. The product that conformed the CFR requirement of achieving in  reduction of its present year carbon footprint when compare to its base year's carbon footprint which shall not less than 2% or

2. The product that conformed the CFR requirement of achieving in reduction of its carbon footprint which shall lower or equal to the benchmarking threshold of each product category set by TGO.  

Remark; the carbon labeling development and promotion working group is authorized in re-considering the percentage of the CFR reducing threshold at the end of the product's CFR pilot implementation project which is recently on going. The benchmarking threshold of the product's CFR shall be refer to the TGO's Carbon Labeling website ( ) or reliable domestic/international industrial source of references for grace period while the industries shall be required to achieve the both of the mentioned requirements In case that they are ready in the near future.

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