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United States-Thailand Cooperation on Enhancing Capacity
for Low Emission Development Strategies: EC-LEDS


Project Name   United States-Thailand Cooperation on Enhancing Capacity for Low Emission Development Strategies: EC-LEDS
   The USAID has supported Asian countries to pursue low-carbon, climate-resilient development through the Low Emission Asia Development (LEAD) program, which aims to promote the collaboration of both private and public sectors in experience sharing, capacity building and knowledge dissemination. Realizing the need to adopt low-carbon policies, plans and practices, and enhance human and institutional capacities for promoting green growth through activities like LEDS development and implementation, and greenhouse gas inventories and accounting, the program tailors its activities to specific country circumstances, thereby providing opportunities for regional support and collaboration.
   For Thailand, the USAID LEAD program collaborated with TGO to build an online reporting platform (GHG Registry) that facilitates organizational GHG reporting under TGO’s Carbon Footprint for Organization (CFO) program established in 2008. This online platform permits institutions and organizations to report and verify their carbon emissions easily, accurately and flexibly. GHG measurement, reporting, and verification experts from the Climate Registry assigned by the USAID LEAD led a training on this matter to provide step-by-step instructions on the functions and use of the reporting platform to TGO and its relevant stakeholders in order to strengthen this system for achieving its goal in a sustainable way. The GHG online reporting platform under the collaboration between TGO and USAID program shall demonstrate the success gained from it to other Asian Countries to help them transition to a low-carbon society through relevant policies and strategies.
  To improve the standardized CFO scheme and build up the stakeholders’ capabilities in GHGs reporting as well as enable the preparedness for mandatory carbon market in future.
TGO’s role under project
  Collaborate with USAID expert in developing the GHGs reporting platform and its relevant guidelines, as well as enable readiness and  capacity building through training and workshop in both Thai and English to all related stakeholders
  1. Online reporting platform.
  2. Administrator Program Manual and Guidance for Online reporting platform
  3. Training kits for reporting and verification procedure on online reporting platform
Period of the project
  May 2014 – October 2015
Source of fund
  United States Agency for International Development (USAID)
  - Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization)
  - The Climate Registry
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