Meeting On “The 8th ASEAN Working Group On Climate Change (AWGCC)”

Published Date 2017-07-18 00:37:42 น.

Meeting On “The 8th ASEAN Working Group On Climate Change (AWGCC)”

On 14th June 2017, Dr. Jakkanit Kananurak, Director of CITC and Ms. Chanyaphak Wathanachinda, Technical Expert, joined the meeting on “the 8th ASEAN Working Group on Climate Change (AWGCC)” in Yangon, Myanmar organized by ASEAN Secretariat and he participants were from the focal point of each ASEAN member state.

Representatives from CITC presented the achievements and progress of CITC on capacity development activities. CITC organized courses on Greenhouse Gas Inventory Management, Climate Change Management for Sustainable Development, Mitigation Mechanism and Climate Finance for ASEAN countries ranging from central governments, academic institutions and private agencies.

In addition, CITC planned to cooperate with ASEAN countries to develop more curriculums such as Greenhouse Gas Mitigation with Singapore, MRV of Greenhouse Gas Mitigation with Indonesia and Climate Finance with Viet Nam. 

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