International Forum Sustainable Asia And Pacific: ISAP 2014 At Yogohama City, Japan

Published Date 2015-10-04 15:49:34 น.

During 23 – 24 July 2014, the representatives from Climate Change International Technical and Training Center (CITC), Dr. Jakkanit Kananurak, the Director of Capacity Building and Outreach Office of Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) and Mr. Satoshi Iemoto JICA Expert (Climate Change Policies/Human Resources Development) joined the International Forum Sustainable Asia and Pacific: ISAP 2014 at Yogohama City, Japan. A forum aimed to promote information sharing and facilitate diverse discussions on sustainable development in Asia and the Pacific. The participants were from many expert organizations such as government sectors, academic sectors and private sectors also joined in this forum. Dr. Jakkanit Kananurak has presented CITC management progress and future plan in the session of “Promoting and Integrated Knowledge-Base system for Scientific Low Carbon Development Policy Making in Asia” which has attracted attention of the participants in order to associate in sharing knowledge, technical training and other related issue on climate change mitigation and adaptation.

In this regards, CITC representatives also visited the Ministry of Environment to met Dr. Ryutaro Yatsu, Former vice-Minister and Mr. Shigemoto Kajihara the Director General, Global Environment to introduced the role and activities of CITC and expected to have the collaboration in the near future. Moreover, there was a meeting with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) headquarters in Tokyo and the Overseas Environmental Cooperation Center (OECC) in order to discuss on the future planning and activities, also curriculum development of CITC.


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