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เอกสารงานสัมมนา "Efficient CDM monitoring & CERs issuance and Post-2012 Carbon Market"


"Efficient CDM monitoring & CERs issuance and Post-2012 Carbon Market"

วันอังคารที่ 27 กันยายน 2554 เวลา 08.30-15.00 น.
ณ ห้องอบรม ชั้น 9 องค์การบริหารจัดการก๊าซเรือนกระจก อาคารรัฐประศาสนภักดี



Overlook of CDM Projects Registration and CERs Issuance in Thailand

By Mr. Sirithan Pairoj-boriboon

Executive Director, Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organization (Public Organization) (TGO)

9.63 MB

The Point of View of a CDM Equipments Supplier

By PhD. Robert Eden

CEO and Founder of Organics Asia

1.26 MB

The Point of View of SGS as Designated Operational Entity

By Mr. Pitipoom Tungsirisuteekul

Senior Executive, Environmental Department, SGS

1.06 MB

The Daily Activities of a CDM Monitoring Expert

By Ms. Supida Piwkhow

CDM monitoring manager, Bionersis Services Asia

1.05 MB

Selecting the Right CDM Partner

By        Mr. Alban Casimir

Director of Bionersis Thailand

2.1 MB

International Financing for Present and Future Carbon Projects

By        Mr. William Pazos

Managing Director of Standard Bank, Singapore

1.57 MB

How to Sell Emission Reductions After 2012 ?

By        Mr. Boonrod Yaowapruek

Senior CDM officer, GDF Suez Energy International

1.25 MB